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Saturday, July 11th, 2009
3:07 pm
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Friday, May 29th, 2009
1:01 pm

          Hey, folks, today I’m gonna talk about dentists.

           Believe it or not I haven’t been to a dentist and haven’t seen those bloody maniacs for more that 5 years. In this time I’ve had a hell of caries in my mouth. (I know that was my fault and I don’t blame anyone else, but I do have some reasons that prevented me from going to a dentist’s office and I’m gonna talk about them). So when I realized I gotta do something with my teeth I screwed myself up, made an appointment and picked my way towards hospital.

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12:07 am
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Thursday, April 16th, 2009
3:07 pm
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Tuesday, March 31st, 2009
9:55 am
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Saturday, August 16th, 2008
12:30 am
new member
Hi there!

Just joined this community. I am a theater major at NYU and am dabbling in writing monologues and scenes. I'm starting to post them here on my LJ. If you want to check them out, feel free to view my journal. Friend requests welcome.

Keep on writing, all!
Saturday, June 21st, 2008
11:01 am
My Novel is a Blank Page - Monologue
 Hi all, come eat some newbie meat!  A few nights ago I wrote a monologue entitled "My Novel is a Blank Page" and I quickly packaged it up into a skit that you can watch here:  http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=WFgvvzyQrF4  

Anyone who has ever written anything will be thoroughly amused by it :P  Any feedback is, of course, very welcome!

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008
8:45 am
This writer’s dream, to be a playwright-in-residence...
This NY times article says something I feel: "If we wanted to do one single thing to improve the theatrical climate in America, we’d assign one playwright to every theater that has a resident acting company."

I'm trying to circumvent the system by making a playwright reading circle but the truth is my dream is still to do the above.

Playwrights can't get grant money on their own.  But are a LIST of grant opportunities available for playwrights that are working WITH a theatre.  And grant money is the way us artists (in modern times) get to have a patron.  

Most articles I read say that playwrights CAN'T make enough money to have that as their main career.  We're supposed to get a primary job to support our art, which I think is a real shame.  I'm lucky to have someone that supports me even if I make no money but it'd sure be nice if I COULD bring some money home.    
Saturday, December 8th, 2007
5:20 am
Playwrights Online!

Playwrights Online is a reading circle/workshop using Second Life (a FREE online virtual world).

We meet monthly, read through original scripts written by our members, and then give them critique. We welcome actors to come read! We welcome writers to bring their short scripts to be read by the group! And we welcome everyone else to come listen into the reading and offer critique to the author when the reading is done!(You must have voice chat turned on and a speaker/headset connected to your computer to listen into the reading.)

Playwrights Online meets on the first Saturday of every month at 2pm PST in Long Discussion House on sLiterary (in Second Life). The goal of this group is to give playwrights and scriptwriters a place to grow and evolve as writers. To take their first, second, or umpteenth draft to that final draft that is ready for performance. The counterpart to our Second Life group is a yahoogroup.

If you have any questions, when in second life, just pop "LadyBug Furse" a message. You can also email her at eturnq@yahoo.com.

(**In the past we accepted script's from non-second life members but, for various reasons, we had to discontinue that policy. Now we only accept scripts from people that can join us in Second Life!)

Monday, November 12th, 2007
2:19 am
Thursday, November 1st, 2007
12:28 pm
Join us and write a play in one month !

<td align="left"> It's not too late to sign up for Naplwrimo !!! </td><td>You know you want to write a play in November.
You know you want to.
Even if you never have.
Even if you don't know how.
And if you know how and want to and haven't signed up , you need to sign up at these two addresses :

Naplwrimo Homepage
Naplwrimo Discussion Boards

Signing up for both is the only way to participate !!!
Don't miss out and see you there !

I gotta go start my play.... or you know... write the 30 other web pages that should be up and aren't yet.

Playwrighterly Yours,

Dorothy </td>

Monday, July 23rd, 2007
2:32 pm
Friday, July 6th, 2007
2:26 pm
A Short Play
The Mall in Washington DC, a cool October evening, mist is rising through the vents. Jeremy wanders to a bench and sits, he breathes in the air, takes in the view. He looks forlorn. Austin moves in from the shadows,  from behind where Jeremy sits.

Jeremy: (without turning his head) You’re here.

Austin: You didn’t think I would be?

Jeremy: I wasn’t sure.

Austin: I wasn’t either.

Jeremy: But here you are.

Austin: Yes.

Jeremy: (still not looking back)  Are you going to sit down?

Austin: No.

Jeremy: oh.

Austin moves to touch the back of Jeremy’s head, but doesn’t, he looks down at him adoringly.

Austin: You look good.

Jeremy: Bah.

Austin: No. really, you do.

Jeremy: Thanks. (there is silence, Jeremy stares off in front of him and Austin glances at Jeremy)
    I’m not sure what to say.

Austin: You don’t have to say any--

Jeremy: For Christ’s sake Austin  there are things to say.

Austin: OK. But tread lightly, you don’t want to say the wrong thing.

Jeremy: Do I ever?

Austin: Tread lightly? Or say the wrong thing?

Jeremy: You know what I mean.

Austin: Yes I know, and No, you don’t.

Jeremy: I’m not doing so hot, these days.

Austin: I know.

Jeremy: Do you?

Austin: Yes.

Jeremy: Keeping tabs?

Austin: Yes.

Jeremy: Well, its to be expected.

Austin: Yes.


Jeremy: You didn’t even say goodbye.

Austin: I know. I’m sorry.

Jeremy: Are you?

Austin: Yes.

Jeremy: Do you know what that feels like?

Austin: Yes, and I’m sorry.

Jeremy: Stop agreeing and stop apologizing.

Austin: I figured that’s what you’d want.

Jeremy: No. And since when has what I wanted  been a motivating factor?

Austin: Since before I knew you.

Jeremy: Stop.

Austin: (sincerely) No.  

Jeremy: Please. You aren’t making this any easier.

Austin: I thought I wasn’t supposed to be agreeable or apologetic.

Jeremy: For fuck’s sake Austin, will you just stop. You’re throwing my words back at me, and confusing me.

Austin: Confusing you? How?

Jeremy: By being here for one! What the hell are you even doing here.

Austin: We promised.

Jeremy: We promised a lot of things.

Austin: Yes.

Jeremy: Forever. That was a big one. A big promise. A big lie, from a big fucking liar.

Austin: (without a hint of sarcasm) That’s right, let it out kiddo.

Jeremy: Don’t call me that. Kiddo. What a ridiculous thing to call someone. Kiddo, it reeks of condescension. I won’t be condescended too by you.

Austin: I didn’t mean it to sound---

Jeremy: I don’t care how you mean it.

Austin: You do.

Jeremy: I do. (silence) I hate you.

Austin: Are you done?

Jeremy: Hating you? No I don’t think so. I think I may have just begun.

Austin: I mean with this… are you done with this?

Jeremy: I don’t even know what this is.

Austin: Oh sure you do. You’re creating it. This is your design. The heartbroken guy on the bench, the lost love returns, one last confrontation, some sort of reconciliation, cllooooossssuuurrrree. The writer can put down his pen, and the broken hearted can return to the land of the living. The devil be damned. I like the steam, nice touch. Very American Gothic.

Jeremy: I didn’t choose the setting.

Austin: That’s right, I did, (looks around, smiles)  I forgot.

Jeremy: Have you forgotten everything?

Austin: No.

Jeremy: Why are you doing this?

Austin: Because I need to, and you need me too.

Jeremy: I don’t need this.

Austin: Would you rather I wrap my arms around you and warm my nose up against your neck, pull you tight into me and let my fingers tickle your back under your jacket. That’s a nice jacket by the way….

Jeremy: It was yours.

Austin: I know.

Jeremy: Is it wrong of me to want those things? To want you to do those things?

Austin: yes.

Jeremy: But I do.

Austin: But you know I can’t.
Jeremy: Yes, I know.

Austin: What else?

Jeremy: What else do I want you to do to me?

Austin: No. What else do you want to say? (no response from JEREMY)
    Well if you have nothing to say, I guess I’ll be going. (AUSTIN turns to go).


Austin: Yes?

Jeremy: Don’t go.

Austin: Okay.

(a handful of heartbeats)

Austin: Did you want me to stay for any particular reason?

Jeremy: That’s a loaded question, and can be applied to any number of scenarios.

Austin: Yes. And I know. Do you really hate me?

Jeremy: Yes. No. I don’t know.

Austin: It wasn’t my fault.

Jeremy: That’s what they tell me. (beats) Then it must’ve been mine.

Austin: I don’t see why there has to be any blame placed.

Jeremy: Because there has to be a reason.

Austin: Maybe there is and you just haven’t figured it out yet.

Jeremy: And you have?

Austin: Yes.

Jeremy: Are you going to tell me?

Austin: I can’t.

Jeremy: Can’t or won’t?

Austin: Can’t.

Jeremy: Oh. Well my feeble mind can’t wrap itself around the idea of how this could’ve been in anyone’s best interest.

Austin: It will.

Jeremy: When?

Austin: When its time.

Jeremy: I hate the way you are talking to me, right now. Riddles. Partial thoughts. No congruency. Nothing concrete. Like everything’s in pieces. It’s ridiculous.

Austin: You are so angry Jeremy.  So much anger. It was always there, brimming underneath the surface. I saw it. I used to watch it come out in little spurts, but usually only when you’re pride had been hurt. Now… I don’t know….now it seems more, dominant. It doesn’t serve you.

Jeremy: Serve me? It doesn’t serve me? What do you know about it? (screaming) WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW ABOUT IT? Underlying anger? You stand there and talk to me about things surfacing, and pride and it not serving me? How dare you! You did this to me you asshole! You fucking asshole! (Jeremy is crying) You leave me… you abandon me there, here, everywhere! I was sitting in the airport lobby for four hours, FOUR HOURS, before anyone ever remembered I was there. Thought maybe I should be contacted. FOUR HOURS!

Austin: They were concerned, other things on their minds.

Jeremy: It wasn’t until after… almost an hour after… and I had no idea. I had no idea what was going on.

Austin: Didn’t you?

Jeremy: No. Just this feeling, like I’d been abandoned.

Austin: You’re so selfish. So, so selfish. Were you always this selfish?

Jeremy: The only thing I cared about in this world was taken from me, and I am selfish?

Austin: Its been taken from other’s too.

Jeremy: But it was mine.

Austin: well, yes, it was, ours.

Jeremy: Yes. Ours.

Austin: But it didn’t happen to just you, kid--- Jeremy. It didn’t even happen to just mainly you.

Jeremy: Well that’s how it felt. Feels.

Austin: I didn’t want to leave.

Jeremy: I know. Well, I thought I knew. Then I wondered, did he? Maybe he wanted to go. Maybe he wanted it to be over. Maybe that’s why he put himself in that situation. Maybe that other guy… maybe He wanted it to happen.

Austin: I didn’t.

Jeremy: That’s good to know.
Austin:  Amid all the wreckage, I was thinking of you.

Jeremy: It’s ok, you don’t have to….

Austin: I remember hearing the---

Jeremy: Stop.

Austin: No, I remember the light turning green, and I was so excited. Lunging forward into the intersection, and hearing the screech. It was like I heard the collision before I felt it.

Jeremy: Austin, please.

Austin: And in a split second, it felt like my body was being turned inside out. Like shards of glass were being thrust into every part of me, like strips of metal were curling around my throat chocking me. I could breathe one moment and the next I couldn’t. It felt like there was a semi on my chest. I was suffocating.

Jeremy: There was. There was a semi on your chest. You were crushed under its wheel.

Austin: So weird. Surreal.

Jeremy: Did you know you were dying?

Austin: I knew I was dead before I knew I had died. I guess that doesn’t make sense. All I could think about was you getting off the airplane and my not being there, how mad you would be, then how worried you would be, then how shocked you’d be and then back to how angry you’d be. I  was right, wasn’t I? About the anger? You’re angry now.

Jeremy: I am, but don‘t make it sound anger has been my dominate emotion, it hasn’t been. Regret, fear, loneliness, they’ve all been here too. You know, you were laying there, dying on a highway, I’m sure you had more important things to think about. You don’t need to try and make me feel better by telling me I was your last thought.

Austin: You’re right, I did have more to think about. My mind should’ve been swimming with thoughts of my family, my internship, the headlines, my porno’s under the bed (They smile at each other), there are so many things I should’ve been thinking about as mortality passed through me, but it was you Jeremy. It was always only you.

Jeremy: Austin. (he’s crying)

Austin: I know Kiddo, I know.

Jeremy: You can’t touch me, can you.

Austin: No.

Jeremy: I can’t hold on to you, can I?

Austin: That’s why I’m here. To ask you to let go.

Jeremy: That’s why you’re here? To ask me to let go?

Austin: Yes.

Jeremy: I can’t believe you. I’ve been crying my eyes out for over a year now, pining away for you, beating myself up, and now you show up here, this place, the one you chose. The place that you said we’d always… no matter what… the place you first told me… and You show up, all smug and vacant, controlled and distant.

Austin: Dead.

Jeremy: What?

Austin: I showed up all…dead.

Jeremy: I am aware of that…

Austin: No. I don’t think you are.

Jeremy: Of course  I--

Austin: No I don’t think you do. You’re yelling at me for being distant, vacant, has it even occurred to you that its miraculous that I’m here at all? What, maybe I am going through right now to even be able to be seen by you?  You are truly amazing, you know that?

Jeremy: I… its just I…

Austin: I’m dead Jeremy! ME! I’m dead. Not you. How is it that I can be killed mercilessly in a head on collision, thrown from my car, scraping my way across the rough road and landing in front of a moving truck, dying there on the pavement. Nobody’s hand to hold, no one to tell me they loved me, no parents, no you, no one! How can I have experienced that? Dying,! Literally dying and yet you still get to be the victim? Aren’t you tired?

Jeremy: What?

Austin: Aren’t you tired of mourning? Of holding on to something that can’t come back to you? Of people walking on egg shells around you? Of taking pills to make you not feel anything just so you don’t feel me?
Aren’t you tired Jeremy?

Jeremy: Yeah, I am. I am exhausted.  But not from playing the martyr. Listen to me Austin. It is not your death that has destroyed me. Its your life. Our life. It was collapsing in the airport and waking up surrounded by strangers, it was being led to a car that wasn’t yours by a hand that wasn’t yours. It was being sedated because the horror came in waves of anger, loss, resentment, nausea, fear all pummeling against me over and over again. It was having your mother bring me a box of our letters, our notebooks and asking me to explain who you were to me. It was your dad collapsing on me and asking why we thought we couldn’t tell them. It was going to your funeral, sitting next to your sister and being stared at by everyone. It was our fraternity brothers who couldn’t look me in the face. My parents reaction when they realized my loss was more than just a buddy. You left me. You left me here to explain everything. Questions I didn’t have answers for. Solitude I didn’t know I could feel. Loss I didn’t know was possible.
I didn’t have the answers and everyone kept asking.  So am I tired? Yes Austin, I’m exhausted.

Austin: It’s time kiddo.

Jeremy: I can’t.

Austin: You just think you can’t.

Jeremy: So I let you go. Then what?

Austin: Live your life.

Jeremy: I don’t even know what that entails anymore.

Austin: Then you need to find out. You need to remember.

Jeremy: I can’t. I can’t remember what was before you.

Austin: You will.  There was much.

Jeremy:  But nothing that effected me as much as you do.

Austin: Did. As much as I did.

Jeremy: So am I just supposed to forget?

Austin: Of course not. That wouldn’t be possible. But you need to forgive and keep going. Start reconnecting, embrace experience. Be whole.

Jeremy: How can I be whole when the other half of me is gone?

Austin: I’ll always be with you. Which is such a cliché, but its true. In a sense you have no idea how lucky you are.

Jeremy: Lucky? I think we must have different definitions.

Austin: Do you know how many people spend the majority of their time looking for love? Who think their lives will be complete after they’ve met ‘the one’? It is amazing that there are so many people searching, who need to be loved, who need to give love. There are people completely paralyzed by loneliness, who will latch on to anything just to be anchored. You are never going to be that person Jeremy. You’ve loved and been loved, so wholly, so completely, you will never have to question your value or worth.

Jeremy: I don’t feel very valuable or worthy.

Austin: Then you are doing my memory an injustice, not too mention you and your future. Never doubt that I loved you. Never believe you aren’t capable of finding  that again.

Jeremy: Oh don’t even say that! I can’t even think about that right now.

Austin: You will be able to soon.

Jeremy: And that wouldn’t bother you? My being with someone else? Because I know that if it was the other way around, and you ever hooked up with another person, I’d haunt your ass  relentlessly.

Austin: (laughs) Well I’ve always been more evolved then you.

Jeremy: Yeah I guess you have been.

Austin: Its time for me to go now.

Jeremy: I don’t want you to.

Austin: Promise me you’ll try.

Jeremy: I’ll try.

AUSTIN begins to move back into the shadows and disappears through the rest of the scene

Austin: I love you Jeremy.

Jeremy: I love you too.  (AUSTIN’S gone)  Austin? Wait! Austin!

BAGLADY enters

Baglady: Stop screaming honey, people will think you’re crazy.

Jeremy: Yeah, well maybe I am.

Baglady: Nah, you’re not. Crazy people don’t dress like you.

Jeremy: How do they dress?

Baglady: Like me.

Jeremy: Noted.

Baglady: Your eyes are read, you been crying? Or coming down?

Jeremy: Coming down? Are you kidding me?

Beaglady: So you’ve been crying then.

Jeremy: Look, really thanks for your concern, but I’m fine.

Baglady: Its beautiful here isn’t it?

Jeremy: I don’t mean to be rude, but…..

Baglady: The way the steam rises up, the monument shooting up into the sky, I’ve always thought it looks like a rocket taking off.

Jeremy: I’m sorry but I need to get….

Baglady: where? Where you need to get off too?

Jeremy: I don’t know.

Baglady: He was right, kiddo.

Jeremy: What did you say?

Baglady: You’re friend. He was right.

Jeremy: You saw him… that….

Baglady:  of course. Crazy, remember? But he was right.

Jeremy: OK, what was he right about.

Baglady: Its time to start living your life.
Jeremy: You don’t know what you’re talking about, you don’t know me, you couldn’t have seen…

Baglady: You got any money?

Jeremy: This is ridiculous. I’m leaving.

Baglady: C’mon, its getting cold. Just a buck for coffee.

Jeremy: Yeah, ok, sure,

(pulls a dollar out of his pocket, hands it to BAGLADY, She takes it and grabs his hand)

Baglady: Crazy comes in all shapes and sizes kiddo, just like love, and just like pain. Just like loss. Mourn him, but don’t let your mourning define you. Hold on to him, but not to the point that you  don’t have enough room to hold on to anyone else. Its time for you to live. Do it for him and for you. Don’t let it all be in vain.

(BAGLADY releases JEREMY’s hand)

Jeremy: (Shaken) Well, I gotta be going.

BAGLADY: Yes. It looks like your rocket is about to take off there kiddo. Make sure you’re on it.

Jeremy: Yeah, well… have a good night. (Jeremy Exits)

BAGLADY: I tried honey, I tried.

Austin: (re-entering) He’ll go home and think about it, he’ll make the right choices, that’s his way. He just needs to mull it over.

BAGLADY: Seems kinda whiney to me, not sure what you saw in him in the first place.

Austin: haha he was strong once, he will be again.

BAGLADY: Whatever you say honey. Whatever you say.

Austin: So, are you ready?

BAGLADY: Heh I been waiting.

Austin: (gesturing to the shadow and steam) You’re chariot awaits m’lady

Baglady: Chariot? You said we could take the rocket.

Austin: Ok, the rocket it is, time to blast off.

(BAGLADY walks into the steam, Austin walks over to the bench look off towards Jeremy)

Austin: Good bye, Jeremy. Be everything you were born to be. I’m watching. I love you.

(Austin Exits).
Saturday, January 13th, 2007
11:02 am
Eva. A new play by Jake P. Dark Comedy
A new play I wrote!

EVA: By Jake P.Collapse )

All comments and criticism is very much appreciated. I need all the help I can get, y'know?

x-Posted all over the place
Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
4:42 am
Hi !

Do you want to write a play in November ?

Come join us !


I am very serious.

Thursday, March 30th, 2006
8:53 am

Amanita PhalloidesCollapse )

Comments? Criticism? HELP?
Friday, March 17th, 2006
1:17 am
Thursday, August 25th, 2005
9:34 am
Fundraising ideas?
I'm one of the founding members of a theatre company in Chicago. Got any cool fundraising ideas?
Sunday, July 17th, 2005
1:10 am
Theatre Workshop
Writing on Your Feet -
Playwriting workshop with Jean-Claude van Itallie

August 19 - 21, 2005
Rowe, MA

Jean-Claude, well-known playwright, the author of The Playwright’s Workbook, teaches an exciting new writing technique he perfected writing his recent play Light. Jean-Claude says, “Writing, like other arts, is a physical process carried on the breath. In Writing on Your Feet, holding an image in mind and moving physically, words are born in your belly. You speak them aloud and they are recorded. Working in this way, writing is a profound physical process, and the result is astonishingly visceral and alive on the page.”In Jean-Claude’s unique non-judgmental and disciplined workshop you’ll move in different modes, meditate, and “on your feet” tell experiential stories, dreams and anything you wish to write. You’ll listen to and encourage others. A partner will record your words, and you’ll edit. Writing or performance experience is welcome but not needed. The workshop is open to anyone who’s previously taken a workshop with Jean-Claude. People are invited to develop works-in-progress.

Jean-Claude van Itallie, founder and artistic director of Shantigar, was a central force in the explosive American theatre of the sixties. His more than thirty plays include America Hurrah, The Serpent, The Tibetan Book of the Dead and translations of the major plays of Chekhov. He’s taught play writing at Amherst, Columbia, Esalen, Harvard, Naropa, New York University, Omega, Princeton and Yale.  In 1999 he performed his one-man show, War, Sex and Dreams at Highways in Santa Monica and at LaMama in NYC.  In 2002 he received the New England Theatre Conference award for Outstanding Achievement in the American Theatre. In October, 2004, his play Light premiered at the Theatre at Boston Court in Pasadena. His newest play is Fear Itself, secrets of the White House.

More info and registration: www.shantigar.org
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
12:08 pm
hi. i hope it's ok to advertise this here.

mercury fur is a new community set up as a sounding board for scriptwriters. it can be used to ask questions relating to playwriting, for posting scripts and sharing ideas. hopefully it will be of some interest.



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